Work-life balance article
Work-life balance article

It is difficult to achieve work-life balance in today’s cut-throat competitive world. Therefore in this Work-life balance article, we have mentioned some effective measures we can take to enjoy life and work together and manage our goals in the fast-paced business world.

Are you a workaholic? If yes, you should start looking for your life first. It’s time to get “Selfaholic”Work-life balance is the need of the hour.

No doubt, work is worship and is very important for our livelihood but what could be more important than our wellbeing

“Always leave office on time, work is a never-ending process. It can never be completed.” – Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Work-life balance article

Last year my uncle got a heart attack when he reached home at midnight after office. Thank God he got saved. When he was asked for the reason for his bad health, he told us that he served his company for almost 25 years. His hard efforts made him a successful officer.

He had a reputed post and a handsome salary but for one thing, he never took responsibility was his own health. He devoted all his time to his job, neglecting his own self and his social life.

What an irony!

Firstly, he spent his life to earn money and now spending that money to get a life. Can he do all those things in his old age which he could do while he was young? Can he bring that golden period back when he could climb mountains?

Being an HR recruiter, I came across many people who are staying away from their families for many years just because their company offers them a huge salary package and perks. You could be the one!

“Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.” —Dolly Parton

This saying reminds me of an incident. Once I received a call from a General Manager of a company, based out in Mumbai. He requested me to find a suitable job for him in his hometown Kolkata. I offered him a relevant job opportunity but with a lesser salary. It was astonishing to know that he agreed to switch with that amount.

The reason was that in the recent past he had multiple bypass surgeries while staying away from his family as his job demanded him to work for multiple locations. And now he is not sure about his life and wants to stay in his hometown with his family. Definitely, life is more precious than money and the realization of this factor at the right time is of much importance.

You have to ask these questions to realize the importance of work-life balance:

  • For whom are you working?

Answer: Company 

  • Why are you working?

Answer: To earn money

  • What will you do with the earned money?

Answer: Spend that money on self and family

  • How much time do you spend with family?

Answer: Very less

  • Do you have time for yourself?

Answer: No

If you don’t have time for yourself and your family then would that money bring harmony into your home?

Have you ever thought about this??

For what you are working so hard if you don’t have time to even have a good meal on time. If you are leaving your house for work early morning and returning late night then do you think your children would have an emotional attachment with you? No, they won’t have as they will not find you when they need you. 

“If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them and half as much money.” —Abigail Van Buren

After having a busy and hectic week you decide to take rest on Sundays but still, have the tension of ‘killing’ Mondays.

Is this life worth living? The time is not so far when hard-earned money will be used to pay the medical bills if the stress persists for a long time.

I understand, there are many reasons that lead to a busy work schedule and make us ignorant of our personal life.

For example, we have to work extra hours, if

  • Our salary is less than our expenses.
  • Boss creates more pressure for good performance.
  • Commitment and efforts don’t match.
  • Increased responsibilities at the workplace.
  • Our job’s nature is demanding.
  • Increased domestic responsibilities.
  • Our craving for success.
  • And many more.

We may work as much as we want or as much our physical and mental strength allow us to do but we should realize that work is a continuous process that has no end.


Perhaps, we often see people overloaded with the work and don’t have time for other activities. They go to their house just to sleep and even that sleep is not a good one if they don’t have good health. It leads to disturbance in their personal and social life.

However, an imbalance between work and life should be taken care of. If the balance is not maintained, unavoidable circumstances lead to depression, incompetency, mental and physical stress, less social adaptability, health issues, and broken relationships.

It is a bitter truth that we are ignoring our basic needs of a happy life and are busy running for our grand desires. It is essential to learn to maintain a balance in work and life to have positive outcomes.

“You will never feel truly satisfied with work until you are satisfied by life.” – Heather Schuck

Some effective measures we can take to enjoy life and work together:

  • Decide what you want in life.
  • Prioritize your responsibilities.
  • Segregate needs and desires.
  • Choose the job you love to do.
  • Keep your personal life and professional life separate.
  • Don’t bring work at home.
  • Take out time for recreational activities.
  • Health is true wealth, take great care of yourself.

Some more…

  • Take a break from work and plan vacations.
  • Rejuvenate yourself.
  • Meet and spend quality time with friends and family.
  • Learn time management.
  • Don’t run behind perfection.
  • Live your life with ease.
  • Admit your mistakes and keep peace of mind.

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Admiring words from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India:

Work-life balance article

I think what Dr. Abdul Kalam meant with this saying is that our best should be given to the job and we must try to complete our work within the working hours as we are getting paid for it.

Hence, we should not make it a habit to put in extra hours to such an extent that we start neglecting our family and other social responsibilities. Because the company will never compensate us for this and we will end up ruining our personal life.

I hope, you liked this Work-life balance article, and would like to share it with your workaholic friends and help them to be a selfaholic now.

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