Is your unhealthy habit, affecting your health?

unhealthy habits

Is your unhealthy habit, affecting your health? If yes, then this is the high time to wake up and do some efforts to get rid of them. Your efforts to be healthier need some dos and don’ts.

When you read the list given below, don’t expect that you’ll change all of these unhealthy habits at once. There is a proverb: “Slow and steady, win the race”, means you can slowly integrate change into your life and gradually make it healthy. Take a look at the unhealthy habits and try to make a healthy change.

1. Habit of not drinking enough water

The most common unhealthy habit is: not taking care of water intake. Many of us ignore or forget to drink water at regular intervals and slowly start facing some health problems. Even after repeated reminders from our parents or friends, we ignore this habit, though keeping our body hydrated is the utmost thing to stay healthy.

“Water is our best friend for life”.

The habit of drinking water not only balances the water level of your body but also benefits you in many other ways. Generally, it is recommended that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day or as per the individual thirst. However, if the correct amount of water is taken properly, we can see the magic in our health and fitness very soon.

2. Ignoring the nature’s call: Holding your pee for long

unhealthy habits

The more you drink, the more you have to release it out of your body. When you get a nature’s call, you should take it! Don’t hold it for any reason. Sometimes people hold the pressure due to engagement in work or on TV. Males mostly ignore it while watching a cricket match just not to miss a single ball. But they don’t realize that holding it in for too long is not good for their health.

Guys, your kidney’s health is more important than any four or six hits.

Grant Fowler, MD at UT Health center says “Urine is like a creek or river”, If you don’t let it flow properly it gets blocked and, the stream becomes stagnant and increase the risk of bacteria growth in the bladder, and maybe to move back upstream to your kidneys. And if you keep it flowing the risk of infection minimizes.”

Also, Asif Ansari, MD, medical director of the Montefiore Medical Group, says “If you have an underlying urological condition or are pregnant, holding your urine can put you at risk and cause bladder, kidney, or even prostate infections.

And, if you’re not going to pee four to six times a day, you’re probably not drinking enough water, and maybe your body is dehydrated.

3. Eating food late at night

Late night dinners restrict our body to process the food properly and make us uncomfortable while sleeping. If you sleep immediately after having a heavy meal at night, it would be difficult for your metabolism to digest adequately.

You might have heard about our Bollywood actor “Akshay Kumar” and the secret of his fitness. Even after crossing the age of 50, he still looks like a college-going youngster. The reason behind his fit body is his disciplined life and proper timing of eating. He has a habit of having dinner before sunset rather than late at night.

There are a couple of reasons why you should move your dinner an hour earlier before you sleep.

It helps with weight loss.

Better sleep: late-night meals can cause indigestion that interferes with sleep.

Better metabolism.

Reduce the risk of obesity.

Least possibility of burning sensation in the chest.

Regardless of the good effects of the above practice, it might not be practically possible for many to have dinner on time because of work-related issues, etc. Hence, there must be a check on the carbohydrate level they are consuming in their food after sunset; this, too, would be highly beneficial.

Would you like to reduce your age or look young always?

If yes, then you should have control over the intake of carbohydrates because less carbs in food reduces the possibilities of early aging and wrinkles.

Moreover, you can prefer alternatives to carbohydrates on your plate like seasonal vegetables and fruits, soups, lentils, buttermilk, etc. Adopting this healthy habit would give you good results in the long run.

4. Not doing Enough Exercise

Laziness is our biggest enemy and physical exercise is our well-wisher. Exercise is very essential to stay active and young. Exercising has lots and lots of health benefits and also helps you live longer.

“Good things come to those who sweat”.

Additionally, regular exercise keeps your heart healthy; keeps you energized whole day; boost your immunity; lowers the risk of some chronic diseases such as breast cancer and some aggressive forms of prostate cancer; improves blood flow to your brain; prevent hormonal changes in your body; and controls blood sugar.

Physical activity could be of any type; you may choose as per your needs and mood. Cycling or brisk walk of 30 minutes per day is considered as the easiest and most efficient exercise for any age group people.

5. Distraction while eating

We often prefer to eat while sitting in front of a TV or having our mobile phone in our hand. Do you know this is also an unhealthy habit?

Yes, it is, because you don’t focus on your food and appetite limit and keep on gulping without taking care of the quantity of the food. Many a time we prefer to eat on our work desk while working to save some time during heavy workload.

Feed yourself well to be more energetic and productive at work.

Not feeding your stomach properly could be the main cause of many problems related to your metabolism. So it is advisable to stay away from distractions and pay attention to your meal while eating. Definitely with this habit you’ll satisfy your hunger with less food and can lose extra weight from your body.

6. Missing dessert after food

unhealthy habit

You might have decided to skip anything sugary just to avoid additional calorie intake. No doubt it is a good habit but it is believed that something sweet is necessary to eat to charge up the digestion process after eating food. In earlier days, jaggery was considered as the best dessert which is now replaced by many other sweet (refined sugar) things.

Even advertisement for chocolate brands suggests not skipping dessert after meal. If you remember one of the most famous Cadbury ad which says,

“Khane ke baad kuch mittha ho jaye”. – Cadbury

Consumption of excess sugar is harmful but a small treat of ice cream or chocolate won’t break your diet.

7. Eating outside food

unhealthily habit

However, we are less aware of the fact that restaurant foods and processed foods both tend to be very high in sodium and are not good for our overall health. Also, with the ease of food delivery services from Zomato or Swiggy and getting influenced through lucrative posts of dishes on Instagram, we are indulging ourselves more in restaurant menus rather than home-cooked food.

What do you think, this unhealthy habit is common in elder people or youngsters?

I think it is most common in urban areas and among every age people. The habit of ordering food from outside could be because of laziness of self-cooking or time mismanagement which is also an unhealthy habit.

Moreover, the habit of eating out is expensive and can be more expensive if we fall sick after developing an unhealthy habit of eating junk food or outside food. Though one of the easiest ways to avoid your sodium intake and consume nutritional food is to cook at home using fresh vegetables and ingredients or at least indulge in your culinary creativity on the weekends.

8. Dependence of painkillers and sedatives

unhealthily habit

In our childhood, we were taught to make a first aid box with some necessary medical equipments and medicines. And that was considered enough for all family members. Now I have seen people having a separate cupboard full of medicines in their house. Ironically, this seems very depressing that people are spending more on medicines instead of spending on their good lifestyle or good habits.

Does your poor lifestyle and unhealthy habit affect your family too?

Poor lifestyle brings deadly diseases home and not only affects the ill person but also other family members. Therefore to get rid of diseases and the problems caused by the illness we run for medicines. And when we start feeling good, we keep on taking them again and again, turning them into a habit or addiction before we know it.

Dependence of pills and habitual use of pain killers could be dangerous and can cause more problems.

Kicking off of this habit is possible with commitment and awareness, you have to be committed to upgrade your lifestyle and improve your immunity to reduce the addiction of medication. Once you start refraining yourself from pill-taking habits for small health issues, your body will quickly rebound from their side-effects.

9. Smoking cigarettes (Tobacco and Nicotine)

unhealthily habit

unhealthy habitSmoking is injurious to health

As far as health goes, smoking is the most harmful habit. It increases the risk of mouth, throat, and bladder cancer. This unhealthy habit also raises the chance of heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure, on top of that aggravating breathing problems like bronchitis and asthma attacks.

However, it is difficult to quit smoking, but it is your call.

If you wish to quit, treat it like an addiction and prepare yourself for the tough road ahead. It is recommended to quit smoking when you are in a calm mood, don’t try during stress, otherwise, you may get pushed back to it again.

“Put it out of your life before it puts you out.”

However, when you succeed in refraining yourself from this unhealthy habit, its benefits would be clearly visible to you. You will start feeling energetic as your lungs will start working better and you will be coughing less. It would be quite noticeable that your sense of taste and smell, as well as your patience and stamina, will also improve.

10. Frequent consumption of Alcohol

Alcohol is considered as the most prominent thing to enjoy or to celebrate any occasion. If it is so good to have then why didn’t your parents prefer giving it to you since your childhood in place of milk or any other health drink? Surely, it won’t be that good for you. Though you are cutting your pocket for such a harmful drink.

unhealthily habit

Say “NO” to alcohol

Would you like to celebrate your special occasions at the cost of your life?

If you are drinking too much, alcohol can be a poison. If you are down with 2-3 packs daily, you are at high risk of liver damage, various cancers, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and even depression.

Do you know, who is more sensitive to this unhealthy habit?

As per the studies, women are more sensitive than men to alcohol, the uncontrolled consumption of liquor can also develop heart disease, brittle bones, and even memory loss to women.

Well, sometimes even doctors prescribe the consumption of alcohol to their specific patients but with proper guidance. Drink alcohol for getting high and as a medication are two different things. And if you are addicted, you should consult someone for support.

These are some unhealthy habits which every one of us should take care of for a healthy lifestyle. Live life to the fullest.

Stay happy, stay fit.

If you have any unique healthy habit, you can share it with us in the comment box.

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