8 Tips to handle a bad mood

sad mood

Well, someone has aptly said that the only certainty in this world is uncertainty. That is the law of Nature and those who understand this and accept it, experience true freedom, and can handle a bad mood wisely.

Similar is the case with happiness, it is uncertain too. However, that doesn’t mean we should not strive for happiness. What is important is that we pursue true happiness, which doesn’t get devastated by our circumstances.

There is always a possibility of we rising above our lower self to the higher self or in simple words, we uplift our mood, our thoughts, our emotions!

Human life is full of ups and downs, and there are uncertainties everywhere.  In our day to day life, there are countless things we get trapped in and our mood gets pulled off. 

Can we control our emotions?

Sometimes, it is hard to keep control of our emotions; sensitive people get emotional easily while others get agitated even on small issues. 

Our negative thoughts, which are like real devils, course down our heads whenever we feel bad about something. And, the negative energy of our thoughts starts hampering our health and behavior. Therefore, we should not get defeated by our bad mood or negative emotions and wisely deal with it.

Instead of bursting out on someone, we should figure out the peaceful ways to calm down for a while. Basically, a relaxed mind always helps us to figure out the solution to our problem in a better way. 

Problem can be of any type and can spoil your mood; a rude boss, a scolding teacher, a careless child, bad exam results, no increment, work pressure, marriage or relationship issues, etc. Every individual has his own reasons for getting upset or sad about something he/she is dealing with. 

Therefore, special attention should be paid to the issue and to the self. Seek help if required and try to stay calm and optimistic. All of your anxiety will totally change as you begin to change your mindset and feelings.

handle a bad mood

The moment we determine to win, every cell of our being starts working in that direction! So, why not choose positivity over negativity, pleasantness over unpleasantness, good mood over a bad mood?

Positive happenings are the outcome of a positive mind, thus try to generate good vibrations and happy thoughts.

Here are some tips to help you handle your bad mood:

1. Breath in, breath out

When things seem to be going in the wrong direction or an argument heats up, stop yourself for a moment. Have patience and sense the possibility of resolving the matter with a cool head. Take a break and distance yourself. Go and get some fresh air and take some deep breaths. Breath in, breath out will give you some time to rethink and act rather than react.

Although, deep breathing could help you to settle down your emotions, but you need to check your thoughts before vomiting them out. Firstly, revive your positive energy and dissolve negativity from your body. Surely, it will make you feel lighter and handle the issue gracefully.

2. Take a quick nap

Whenever you feel down, go and grab a silent corner and sleep for a while. A quick nap will help you revive your energy and freshen up your mood. Avoid going into hibernation mode for long hours as it will disturb your day routine and may impact your health.

Sometimes, lack of sleep can make you feel anxious and irritated. Generally, we keep ourselves busy at late hours in watching web series or playing PubG game and don’t take a good sleep for granted. As a result, we find ourselves drowsy or into a bad mood. So, we should avoid sleeping late at night.

3. Treat yourself with your favorite food

handle a bad mood

When your taste buds get what they like the most, they make you forget, why you are in a bad mood state. Go and get something delicious and treat yourself to get back into a good mood.

To make yourself cheerful again, you should eat your all-time favorite cuisine that can give you instant pleasure.

4. Watch a funny video on digital media

Well, in today’s world of Netflix and YouTube, no one has the time to stay upset for long, then why you? Go and get the subscription and list out your favorite videos. Checkout something funny that can boost your mood instantly. If you haven’t tried this before, then start doing it now. Surely, you are going to have a good laugh.

Always remember to prioritize your emotional well-being and take out time for some fun.

5. Put a halt on social media

Are you also a social media addict?

The overdose of social media feeds makes us uneasy and exhausted. We spend hours scrolling down our Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook pages, without noticing the zero worth of doing so.

Continuously switching over these accounts can overload your head with unnecessary information and over a period of time can irritate you to a greater extent. So, switch off your mobile phone for some time and give rest to your mind. It will be helpful in snapping out the bad mood and give a refreshing feeling to you.

6. Call someone to listen to you    

This is the best and most effective way of getting out of a bad mood. Why to keep all tension inside? Just phone your best friend and vent out whatever is bothering you. Definitely, you will feel lighter after sharing your problem, while getting a solution is a secondary thing.

handle a bad mood

According to human psychology, whenever we feel bad, we need someone’s shoulder to cry on. We need someone to listen to us and encourage us with the best advice. So, if you are feeling bad, no need to disguise your feelings, go and talk to your friend.

7. Play your favourite song list

The best remedy to change your mood is to listen to your much-loved songs. You have to just make a playlist and turn on your music system to kill the frustration. Feel the music and forget your tension for a while.

After being relaxed, think over your issue that has spoiled your mood. Now, you are in a good state of mind to tackle it efficiently. But make sure you don’t play some sad, emotional songs.

That might aggravate the problem rather than solving it. Play some peppy number, some motivational songs, etc., which can set the right mood.

8. Think about something you like the most to handle a bad mood

Things that you don’t like can spoil your mood. It could be someone’s behaviour, attitude, or any materialist thing. However, you must be having something to please your mood at the time of distress.

Recall lovely memories related to a pet, your childhood toy, your most recent birthday gift, a good book, or anything else which can uplift your emotions. You can think of that and pay gratitude for having that.

Indeed, it will distract your negative feelings and take your mind out of your troubles. Also, it will surpass your bad mood to revive your happy emotions.

handle a bad mood

Well, these were some ways to handle your bad mood with grace and peace. Once you start practicing such things, you will gradually get into the habit of handling not just a bad mood wisely but anything and everything unpleasant.

Hope, you have liked the tips and would like to follow some. Let me know your ways to handle a bad mood in the comment box, given below.


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