Coronavirus: How to stay upbeat during the pandemic?

None of us had ever imagined this unfortunate time, not even in our wildest of dreams where anxiety is reaching to the alpine level around the globe due to the havoc of coronavirus pandemic. Social media and news channels are bombarded with news and updates about the situation created by this deadly biological enemy in everybody’s life.  

Some news channels are predicting that it a China’s conspiracy whereas some are claiming that they had predicted this pandemic in 2019 itself but were not taken seriously. In this challenging time, it is hard to believe which information is right and which is wrong.   

Till now, #covid-19 has taken thousands of lives and the counting is still on. Therefore, it is understandable that negative energy is spreading with much more power than expected. Though through this difficult time, human nature is emerging continuously in its best way but still there is a need to create more positivity and spread the positive vibes instead of scaring people with rumors. For this, we need to identify the ways to stay optimistic and protect ourselves as well as others from this deadly game.

Negative thoughts can drain our energy and will result in depression which may affect our immune system. Hence, it will decrease our ability to fight the virus. On the flip side, positive thinking will boost our inner strength and give us the confidence to fight any bad condition or disease.

When health is involved, random pieces of advice are easier to give than follow. Doctors are doing selfless service to save lives and governments are trying their level best to break the chain of infection. But when it comes to us, we have to understand our responsibilities towards our nation, our world, our mother nature and ofcourse our health.

What’s our responsibility during coronavirus pandemic?

Individually, we cannot control this virus or its effects but we can control how we live and how we follow instructions given to us during this pandemic. So maybe the next time when you think,” What can I do?”, the easy answer is #stayhome, #staypositive, #stayhealthy.

Being positive in a negative atmosphere is itself a sign of inner strength and power. We should overcome the fear of infection or death during a crisis/ pandemic.

Furthermore, we can spread positivity by doing one kind act every day. However, it is not necessary to get out of your house to show humanity. Being in #quarantine state also, you can help people around you by adopting different and innovative ways. Like forwarding emails or messages of gratitude, spread awareness to stay safe, create a funning video, challenge people on social media to post their happy moments, give emotional support on video calls to the one who is in isolation or anything which can uplift someone’s mood, but make sure you strictly follow the guidelines/precautions. Likewise, you can keep yourself engaged with some good deeds and keep yourself away from negative thinking.

Ways to enhance inner strength:

The best way to keep yourself physically and emotionally strong is to incorporate #meditation into your lifestyle. While we are more conscious these days for our wellbeing, practicing meditation could be a super idea to get health benefits. Perhaps yoga is also a worldwide adopted option we can include in our daily routine to experience overall mental and physical well-being. Moreover, it is the time for us to generate more positive emotions. We have to create small moments of happiness to undo the effects of negative energy.

Best way to utilize the lock down period:

Worldwide lockdown has confined us to the walls of our houses and bounded us to stay inside with our family. In one sense, this is the golden time to get indulge with your family members effectively and strengthen the bond.

We can spend happy hours talking to our family members. Or we can ask our elders to share their life experiences with us. This may help us to reduce the generation gap. Also, it can reduce the loneliness which they have felt because of our busy professional life. We can utilize this period to strengthen emotional connect with our children too.  

family time in coronavirus pandemic

Moreover, it is a crucial time for busy professionals who were not paying much attention to their families emotional needs. Now, they can pamper their families and can get pampered. Promoting these gestures will boost oxytocin hormones, responsible to make strong bonds and calming effect on our body. The increased level of these hormones will switch off the generation of stress hormones, cortisol and make you fit. Therefore, we have to tune into these positive aspects and stay happy.  

Is the chanting of Sanskrit Salok (Mantra) effective?

Spirituality is another aspect that can also help us to overcome the challenges of pandemics by chanting some mantras. I have come across a mantra that could help us to get united in hope and fight with the negativity.  

Sanskrit Salok (Mantra)

ऊँ जयन्ति मंगला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी। 

दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोSस्तु ते।। 

Om jayanti mangala kaalee bhadrakaalee kapaalinee. 

Durga kshama shiva dhaatree svaaha svadha namosstu te..

Let us give vibrations of purity, power, health, happiness, and faith to every soul of the world. Keeping yourself in an optimistic mindset and having faith in God is necessary during this hard time. Surely, with optimal measures and techniques, this phase of the coronavirus crisis will also pass soon getting things back to normal. 

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