And She Lived Happily Ever After…

And She Lived Happily Ever After

This blog is about a girl And the way she Lived Happily Ever After…

Fairy tale – a tale told to toddlers, little the teller knows, that for the little one, it does not remain just a story, it becomes their wish, it becomes their dream. As we grow older, the story may begin to fade, but what remains is a classic scene of a prince charming riding on a horse and taking away the Princess for a happy life, ever after.

I am sure, most of us as a young girl have dreamt it, visualized it. So did Jiya. Jiya was a simple girl with a simple living but she had a dream – a dream of a Prince and a happily ever after. One fine day, she found him, everything seemed perfect, but soon his sweetness started fading away, the mask started shedding, words started to turn bitter. Physically she faced abused, mentally she was tortured, the seventh heaven flight seemed to have taken a free fall to hell now, little did she know, how to handle this, her stories never taught her this, her parents never told her love can be this tricky.

However, her world came crashing down when he decided to leave her. She no more served his needs, his behavior changed, and love changed. Probably she never knew love could be so fickle.

She was torn, broken, did not know how to pick herself up.

Also, she felt lonely and shattered. She asked herself were there any dreams left? Was there a reason to live?

While all these thoughts cropped up, she probably got the best advice from her mother And She Lived Happily Ever After…

Her mother said, “Jiya your heart has taken 9 months to form, would you want to destroy it for someone who never thought once before breaking it”.

That’s when she realized her heart had more potential, the potential of throwing more love and bearing more pain. Jiya collected herself, began her new journey and recollected her fairy tale. A realization dawned upon her that there is more to life than a fairy tale. The happy ending turned into sadness. She slowly gained confidence and started to believe not every ‘happily ever after’ needs a Prince charming. She moved around the world and she witnessed, lives leading a life more difficult than hers but with content.

A man without arms with a smile begged for alms, the balloon man sold balloons to make a living for her little daughter whose laughter was his joy. A blind woman crossed the road with her deaf husband, the hard-working old lady selling chips stayed in old age home and the little orphanage across the road gave smiles to many parent-less kids.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.”– Marcus Aurelius

Life is never easy, she said to herself. She no longer found herself alone, she knew how there were more broken hearts all around the world. She realized what one needs is self- motivation and confidence to live a complex life with a smile, a smile that can spread, a joy that can be shared.

Now, she is growing to become stronger to create a happy life. And She Lived Happily Ever After…

Most of us today can relate to Jiya in some way or the other, and we know how loneliness and heartbreak can get heavy at times.

While time may not heal the scars, however, it does fade away with time. While bitterness may persist, however, we can see that each passing year, happiness will replace it.

This is the time when we should rise with optimism and learn from the phoenix which rises high from ashes.

When the past becomes a burden it’s time we put it down, because, with this burden, we will never move forward.

Having said this, it’s time we stop cursing the past. As also wonderfully explained in a beautiful excerpt taken from the book Madhushala. It makes us to realize the beauty of a happy life.

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi !

Jeevan mein ek sitara tha,

mana, wo behad pyara tha,

wah doob gaya toh doob gaya

amber ke aanan ko dekho

kitne iske taare toote

kitne iske pyare chhoote

jo chhoot gaye phir kahan mile,

par bolo toote taron par

kab amber shok manata hai

Jo beet gayi so baat gayi.

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