8 Right ways to work from home during lockdown

work from home

Ongoing lockdown due to the spread of Coronavirus in many countries has given a chance to many of us to work-from-home and conduct business strategies from there itself. To make use of this temporary containment of the Covid19 pandemic, companies are implementing the work from home policy, globally. Perhaps working remotely has many advantages but to get productive results, commitment and dedicated actions are required. Smart strategies are needed to fully utilize this time in a balanced way. Therefore, employees are asked to be productive without official resources. 

Every job has a different nature and requirement for it to be performed effectively. Hence, with the employees staying indoors, the completion of any task varies on its type, employee’s enthusiasm, employer’s expectation and company’s policies.

If your company has also assigned you a work from home duty, you should go with these tips to effectively manage and utilize your quarantine time.

1. Don’t be lazy, follow your morning routine

It is ok if you are not bound to wake up early during the Corona outbreak but you should not spoil your daily morning routine of managing things. In case you have become lazy and got habitual of delaying things, better you stop doing so. Otherwise, it would be difficult to get back to the same routine of working weekdays when lockdown will be lifted.

So early to rise and early to dive into your work station (at home) is the right way to achieve your work targets.

2. Occupy a distraction-free corner

Don’t try to make your home your office, it won’t be possible with a full family inside. Surely, there would be continuous distractions that could hamper your work efficiency. To avoid distractions, book a corner of your house where the distraction level is minimal. You can instruct your family and seek support for not interfering unnecessarily while you are working.

3. Schedule your break intervals

Break from work is also important to relax your mind and body. Set time for necessary things like lunch and tea/coffee break. Don’t indulge in the kitchen for long. You just need to recharge yourself and get back to the work station on time.

4. Allow sunlight and fresh air around your sitting place

work from home

You need to be active while working at home without an office environment, so getting into the work cycle needs active surroundings (without family distraction). You can adjust your chair near the window where you can get fresh air and sunlight. This will help combat your work stress and stay in an uplifting mood to work.

5. Stay organized with a to-do list

work from home

A to-do list is essential to keep a track of your working hours. You can optimize your productivity if you prepare a self-track to-do list before getting involved in your work. Learn about your productivity level and anticipate the amount of work that you can complete being at home. Have a solid plan in place to pull it off successfully.

6. Be in touch with your colleagues

You can rely on official applications like skype and zoom to be in touch with your teammates for the latest updates related to work. Additionally, you will stay motivated when you see them working as they are also giving their output being in the situation of work from home.

7. Make plans to handle kids while working

Many of you would be having kids at home and it is difficult to manage time and work if they are toddlers or young kids. Still, it is possible to handle them with some smart strategies and master the work from home challenge during the lockdown. 

  • Co-parenting: You and your spouse can switch working hours turn by turn and take care of your child.
  • Elder’s support: Request your parents to look after your kids for a while and hide yourself in a separate room so your kids don’t know you are there.
  • Adjustment with baby’s active hours: If your job allows you to choose the lenient working time, try to squeeze in work during your kid’s nap time. It will be more effective when you have a quiet atmosphere to work in.
  • Explain your situation: You can talk to your older children at home and make them understand the impact of the distraction on your work. Make them realize that no work means no income and that will affect their and your day to day life.
  • Arrange new activities: Being inside for a long time, kids get irritated and bored. So, you need to engage them in time-consuming fun games like drawings, crafts, puzzles, board games, etc. These arrangements will keep them busy and you can concentrate on your job.

8. Fix work closure deadline

Calculate your most productive and least productive hours and figure out how much work can actually be done from home. Moreover, you can discuss with your team leader and clear confusion, if any persists to meet deadlines on time.

It’s is all about managing the time wisely and a few adjustments here and there to make the most of work from home during lockdown situations without compromising on your work as well as family.

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