5 Myths and Realities about Relationship

relationship myth

Many times, we create a false assumption or a myth about a love relationship and develop some fears which make us anxious. These myths can create unrealistic expectations that lead to frustration, confrontation, and arguments. Also, these false beliefs can lead couples to a misconception that their relationship is a hopeless case.

Let’s look at some misconceptions that might be contributing to differences in a relationship. I am sure you will recognize them and the confusion they bring in your love life.

Relationship Myth #1:

Common interests make a relationship perfect

This is the most common myth about relationships. It makes people believe that every couple who is happy, share a common interest. Myth is that relation among similar kinds of people tend to last for a longer period when they share the same likes and dislikes, but this is not true.

People with differences can also create a zone of peaceful co-existence without colliding. 


One cannot wait for the perfect partner of common interest to come in his/her life who evade all the sorrows and fill the life with happiness. You are lucky if you got the one and if not then you can adjust the friction and make a successful relationship. However, diversity makes relationships interesting and adds excitement to it. Freshness in a relationship plays a significant role to make it amazing if not perfect. 

Relationship Myth #2:

Jealousy makes the relationship stronger

Most of us fall for this misconception that possessiveness and jealousy are the signs of true love. If you feel jealous when your partner spends time with others, it means your love is true for him/her.


If you truly love and trust your partner then there is no space for jealousy. Being sceptical can kill the trust and eventually ruin the compatibility of the couple.

Relationship Myth

Jealousy in a relationship can cause you frustration, anger, irritation, sadness, hurt, and other negative emotions. Likewise, possessiveness above a limit brings a feeling of restriction, and curtailment of expressions that tend to turn couples away. Hence, some space in a relationship is necessary to maintain a strong bond.

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Relationship Myth #3:

Relationship should be happily ever after

People believe that love is everything in a relationship. “Happily ever after” becomes a myth when couples have to face their reality and obstacles related to their career, family, or finances. Despite being in love, clashes occur. 


Almost, every couple faces conflict in their relationship whether it is a small one or a bigger one. It is good to maintain a peaceful life being together but at some point, love fails and disagreements happen.

Relationship Myth

Differences play a major role in defining the state of a relationship; therefore, they need to be in balance to enjoy a happy life together. Relationships originate from the sentiments and need better mutual understanding to grow. Each individual has unique values and beliefs, so it is hard to believe that things will float smoothly always. Therefore, proper sync and care is essential along with love.

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Relationship Myth #4:

“Sharing every event on social media is important”

There is a misconception that sharing posts related to your relationship on social media platforms is important. Because it is believed that friends and relatives should know the intensity of the bonding in case of a happy relationship and the sorrow faced in case of a bad relationship. 


Essentially, the relationship needs to be kept private and away from social media followers. Honestly, not everyone in your friend list needs to know what you are up to. Things shared can be misused by any as not everyone is your well-wisher.

Relationship Myth #5:

Compromise and sacrifice are essential in a relationship

It is a misconception that every relationship demands compromise and sacrifice. To keep the cordial relation, couples have to give up on something they value most and compelled to do things which suits the needs of their counter-part.


If a relationship needs sacrifices at a personal level than it is not worth living in such a pair. No one should be forced to do what they don’t enjoy it will cause stress and conflict. In fact, a true lover never demands his/ her, partner, to give up on something he/she treasure. It takes two to makes changes if required. The blame game cannot resolve the issues. Proper adjustments and acceptance make relationship acceptable for both.

geolifeharpal mthys

In the beginning, every couple puts the best foot forward. According to the myths and misapprehensions about the relationship, they believe that their relationship will also sail smoothly. But the reality is somewhat different.

Eventually, the flaws come out and create disturbances in their love life. There is one great saying that precaution is better than cure. So, couples should clear out all myths in advance and be well aware of the potential of their relationship. Have a happy relationship. Cheers!!

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