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In today’s society where people prefer nuclear families, the culture of a joint family has vanished; mostly in big cities. Life has become so fast-paced that we don’t realize that living together in a big family is a blessing.

We are losing our patience towards everything in life and therefore we even don’t like the interference of our elders in a house. But we forget that togetherness brings harmony in the house.

I grew up in a joint family of four generations so I am a firm believer in a joint family concept. I remember when I was a child; we had a huge family and there was a single kitchen and that was the time when ladies in the house never felt tired or exhausted in feeding each member of the big family. When I used to play with my cousins, we didn’t have to call anyone from the street to complete our football team.

In fact, some extra players were also there who had to wait for their turn. With the change in time, lifestyle has also changed and so the size of the families. 

The typical joint family consists of three or more generations all bound by a common relationship; living together in the same house whereas nuclear families are limited to two generations only. 

We have an extensive example of the world’s largest existing family in our own country, India. This family of Mizoram is holding a world record of having 180 members counting 94 children, 39 wives, 14 daughters-in-law, and 33 grandchildren. This is the beauty of a culture that makes our country an incredible nation. Isn’t it?

If you are familiar with the family of Mizoram, let me quote the name of a renowned family of Bollywood. That is “Salim Khan’s” extended family.

joint family

Growing up in a joint family brings some great values with it:

Value to the opinions-

Everybody in the house has their own opinions and still there is no clash. Why? Because in joint families opinions are valued and taken care of; to make sure that everything happens with proper coordination and synergy.

The habit of sharing-

As we all know sharing is caring and the habit of sharing is good to build strong bonding and attachment among family members; therefore a healthy relationship. Sharing could be of anything like food, clothes, books, bed, rooms, gadgets, feelings, emotions, problems and much more. There is a famous saying, “When we share the happiness it doubles and when we share sorrow it disappears”.

The skill of adjustment-

When we live with a big family, we learn to adjust to many things. The use of toilets, vehicles, dining rooms, TV remote, household work, etc are common to everyone in the house and we have to wait for our turn when the queue is long. Eventually, we grow with a skill of adjustment and adjust with other people. 

Endless Celebration-

Like many people, as many anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, get-together, and festivals. There are endless events and celebrations in a joint family. 

Everyday new story- 

Joint families have people of every age in a single house so it is evident that everyone has their own story to tell. There is a lot of action, drama, and comedy in their day to day life; hence a new story every day.

Moral Values-

Being a part of a joint family it is natural that moral values cultivate inside us very deeply. Well, obedience is the main factor which we have to follow no matter what. We learn about the importance of different relations in our lives. Moreover, we become more adaptable to different kinds of people. 

Lessons of life within the house-

Generally, we make mistakes when we don’t get proper guidance at the right time. People can mislead us with false promises but a joint family saves us from any fraud as we learn about life from experiences of our family members. And when the family is big the lessons within the home are many.

Unlimited Guidance and advice-

The extended family system provides more support in case of crises and difficult times. A person like me who always remains confused at the time of decision making can seek help from different people. It is worth mentioning here that our family would never think bad for us and always gives the best advice for our problems.

Family Vacations-

It is more fun to be a part of a large group on vacations. You can have more exotic experience being with your relatives like playing games while traveling and have beautiful pictures clicked without relying on a selfie stick. You can enjoy stories from your elders and make them feel rejuvenated.


When you are not at home you don’t have to worry about your kids. They can stay back home and feel safe being into the shadow of the elders of the house. Whatever be the situation their support and unconditional care are always there for you.

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You can leave for your job without any tension of the house and the household things; there are people present in the house to take care of everything.

After having a hectic day in office when you reach home, a hug from your grandmother lightens your mood when she asks you whether you have eaten your meal or not; how was your day at work, etc. Moreover, you get support from your siblings and cousins to switch a job or to choose the right career or occupation for yourself.

joint family

After experiencing so many blessings from a joint family, I wonder when someone says a nuclear family is better than a joint family. I don’t know why people hesitate to live in a joint family; I cannot imagine a life without a full family. Stay in a joint family and experience the blessings!

So what do you think, is it worth staying in a joint family?

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