Morning walk: A way to a happy and healthy life.


Do you like to wake up early to go for a morning walk?

It’s a tough job for me and I am sure it is for you too.

However, becoming an early bird of the house might surprise your family, but it is a fantastic way to enjoy the morning sunlight streaming through the night clouds. Moreover, it is beneficial for your overall health because it is one of the most satisfying physical activities that you could ever do.

A brisk morning walk and little bit muscle stretching exercise is just what you need to give your body the exercise it needs. 

The great thing about walking is that you can do it anytime you choose but the more preferred one is the sunrise time. Moreover, you don’t have to pay any membership fee to anybody. You can start your day with a brisk walk and prepare yourself for a fruitful day ahead.

See a beautiful sunrise, watch as your town or city wakes up, and rejuvenate your spirit. This healthy routine not only makes you feel great but also helps you energies your body. If you follow this routine every morning at least for half an hour, your mind and body will thank you for sure!!

morning walk

Morning walks are worth loving and good for our physical and mental health.

Personally, I prefer morning walks rather than late-night parties and their hangover till next afternoon.

What do you think, going for late-night parties and missing the next day morning walk is worthy?

Or sleeping on time and getting up early the next morning for a brisk walk is more worthy?

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If you are really concerned about your health, I am sure you would choose the second option and won’t miss beautiful morning sights and fresh breeze.

We know, the fresh breeze outside adds more value to our life than a smoky bar. Also witnessing sunrise and the dew on fresh leaves would surely boost up our mood and help our body generate happy hormones.

Moreover, morning walk could also help you get rid of many health problems without any cost. This is the best thing to do in the morning for better health.

Here are the reasons how a morning walk can improve your health and increase happiness:

  • It lowers the risk of diabetes by controlling the blood sugar level because walking generates such hormones which helps our body use insulin better.

  • As we lose body water in the form of sweat while walking therefore it is important to maintain the balance of our body water level for good health. Hence, for the quality of health, hydration is a must.

  • Energies the body– A brisk walk of 30 minutes maintains the energy throughout the day.

  • Walking improves blood circulation hence keeps deadly diseases away- even prevents different kinds of cancer.

  • Walking helps immensely in keeping hormones well balanced in our body, therefore, it does wonders for our skin and hair.

  • Going for a walk in pollution-free morning hours gives beautiful and glowing skin that stays radiant day after day.

  • More you breathe fresh air, the more oxygen you inhale; hence better would be your immunity and health. A strong immune system protects us from various illnesses like-cold, flue, Corona etc.

  • Walking releases stress hormones from our bodies and helps us to remain relaxed and calm.

  • Burn extra calories – More walk, more steps; it means burning more calories and have easy weight loss. Hence, the routine walk helps you keep your weight under control.


  • Finally, it promotes sound sleep at night. How? If you wake up early for the walk and stay active for the whole day, then your body will seek instant rest when you lie on your bed at night.

Then, what are you waiting for? Just go for it and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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