Why A Lover Love♥ Chocolates?

chocolate love

The scent of cocoa, sweetness of the bar just brings in a heavenly feeling for the lovers of chocolate. Hence, when we talk about gifts for a lover, chocolates deserve special mention.

Chocolates are considered as the yummiest and the most romantic gift to be given to the loved ones. And when it comes to that ‘special someone’ chocolates definitely have a romantic element to them.

No matter how old your relationship is, a pack of delicious chocolates can bring in a new charm and magic to your relationship.

In general, there has been a scientific and emotional connection between love and chocolates. Even researchers have been burning the midnight oil to find the correlation between feelings and chocolates.

One study from The Journal of Social and Personal Relationship has claimed that the sweet taste of chocolate affects the romantic perception of a person and can spark feelings of romance.

The findings of another study, published in the journal Heart, suggested that consumption of chocolate up to 100 grams (g) each day may lower the risk of heart disease and stroke. Furthermore, it might impact aging and lowers cholesterol levels. This clearly depicts a longer love life for couples.

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Since our childhood days, display of the association of love and chocolates have been a big hit. In our environment, we see this connection of love and chocolates everywhere, even in the TV ads. An example of this would be the famous Dairy Milk Silk chocolate ad with the lyrics that depict the love of lovers blooming with every bite of chocolate.

Kiss Me...

 Close your eyes

 Miss me…

 Close your eyes.

 Kiss me…

 I can read your lips

 on your fingertips

 and happiness in your eyes

 Kiss me…”

lovers of chocolate

So now the million-dollar question…Does chocolate make us fall in love? 

To some extent, it’s a yes!

Because when you consume chocolates, a chemical present in them combines with dopamine chemical. The human brain releases this chemical, which then acts as an anti-depressant and helps in creating a mood for love.

If you are single, think twice before sitting with a box of chocolate cookies in front of Netflix movies. The hot actor onscreen would just seem hotter and could make you more open to love.

Fought with a loved one? yummy chocolates beautifully wrapped will just play the trick.

Have a crush on someone? Chocolates could be the cupid.

“Don’t think that chocolate is a substitute for love! Love is a substitute for chocolate.”

— Miranda Ingram

Though, it seems impressive to gift beautiful heart-shaped chocolates to someone we adore, however, there is a dark side to the sweet chocolates. Don’t forget to control the craving for sweet chocolates and keep in mind that the intake of this sugary food should be in moderation. 

A large amount of calories in chocolates is one of the major factors to bring it in a bad light. Despite that, it is believed that it contains a huge amount of antioxidants that are beneficial for controlling blood pressure problems and oxidative stress.

We all know that chocolate symbolizes attraction, romance, love, indulgence, passion, affection, and sensuality. 

Even the smell of chocolate is very amazing.

Gifting chocolate products has become a trend these days, be any occasion, and Valentine’s Day is the favorite of all. For chocolate sellers, this day is like Diwali where sales can touch the sky in a single day.

A lover could explain the feelings of attraction toward chocolates in many ways. One can say it contains a mood enhancer whereas others can say they find it romantic to see chocolate dripping from their lover’s lips.

lovers of chocolate

Moreover, aren’t chocolate boys famous among girls?

So next time you want to reinstate romance with your lover, go and grab some yummy chocolates first. Try a variety of chocolates, satisfy your craving, and create lovely romantic moments.

Enjoy Chocolates and stay happy!!

Well, my favorite one is “Cadbury Temptation“. Which one is yours? Let me know in the comment box.

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