Why we should keep our Smile always on?

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Smiling is an expression denoting joy, happiness, pleasure, and acceptability. The studies have shown that throughout the world, smile is considered as a means of communication. However, smile conveys different meanings in different cultures and societies. Somewhere it is depicted as a sign of greeting whereas, at some other place, it is taken as an expression of confusion or embarrassment.

On the flip side, it is the most beautiful thing that anyone can carry to look graceful. It is believed that some people have a beautiful smile but I believe that a smile is something that looks gorgeous on everyone. 

Importance of Smile:

Being humans, sometimes its ok to feel sad, angry, frustrated or disappointed but you should not stick to these negative emotions for long. You must try to recognize which behavior or thought makes you feel really bad. The realization will help you to ignore the negative thoughts and concentrate on the positive aspect of every situation. You can start the path of positivity with a simple thing and that is your Smile. Smiling can make you feel good and will help you to be emotionally strong. 

Moreover, when negativity starts to creep in, you have the choice to save yourself by ignoring the frowning and adopting a simple gesture of smiling. This approach would help you to change your thought process and outlook to the problem, with strong and positive emotions.

Do you know, smile is Contagious?

In many pieces of research, it is found that “Smiling is Contagious” (an emotion, feeling, or attitude likely to spread to and affect others in some way).

In this context, there is a beautiful saying by Mother Teresa: “Let us always meet each other with a smile, a smile is the beginning of Love”.

However, this saying is very much true if experienced personally. I have experienced it several times and felt happy doing so. I am sure you might have also enjoyed the warmth of someone’s smile, many times.

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Smile, laughter, humor, and enjoyment work like a medicine too. These emotions make you feel lighter no matter what situation you are in. Let me quote an example of a comedy show of Indian television, “The Kapil Sharma Show” earlier named as “Comedy Nights with Kapil”.

You might have seen it, many times viewers use to appreciate and praise the host of this laughter show, “Kapil Sharma” for making them laugh with his geeks. Some viewers also share their stories of fast recovery from illness after watching his show on TV during their treatment. Guys, this sounds like magic, isn’t it?

Science behind a Smile:

Science says that when you smile, your body releases natural chemicals like endorphins and serotonin. These neurotransmitters uplift your mood and also relax your body. Whenever you feel sad or depressed, just Smile– it will improve your bad mood immediately. Smiling relieve stress and boosts your immune system. This is a simple route to keep yourself flushed with “happy hormones”, hence the most efficient method to stay away from anxiety and stress.

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To stay cheerful, you can start your day, looking at your own smile in the mirror. And if you make it a habit, for sure, you yourself will fall in love with it. Also, you can make others fall in love with your smile. People with beautiful smiles always inspire me, I am sure you can also inspire others. 

Do you know, smiling can make you look younger?


Then, you should keep it, always on.

A smile on your face makes you more approachable to others. Whenever you go out with a smile and meet others, people would like to meet you again and remember your face for a longer period. Essentially, a smiling face leaves a favorable influence upon others and creates a positive image of yours. Hence, with a beautiful expression on your face, you have the power to project yourself to others in the most attractive way. 

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People with a smile are more likely to be attractive and happy. Because smile has the power to bring happiness, not only to the self but to the people who see you smiling. Therefore, this small gesture can help those around you to be happy too.

And what’s the best thing about a smile? 


Yes, it is free to give and free to receive.

What’s your take on it? Comment below and share your smiling pictures with us.

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