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You must be curious to know that how can you do yoga in the office. Minor stress and anxiety have become a part of our daily life. Majority of the people think that it is difficult to overcome stress effectively at the workplace. However, you can surely overcome it with hand yoga at your office desk.

You must be wondering if it is possible to practice yoga posses to deal with body alignments even at your office desk. Yes, of course, it would be hard to pose in the middle of a boring work presentation. So, here I am going to tell you about the simplest but powerful yoga poses which you can practice using your fingers only and moreover any time of the day even when your boss is standing in front of you and yelling.

I call it “Yoga on fingertips”. 

Hand yoga or Mudras includes a combination of different hand gestures which create similar effects as full-body poses and fulfill the meditative and calming purpose, but on a smaller scale.  

When we sit over a keyboard and there are few physical movements, our body starts reacting negatively and also creates problems like backache, indigestion, shoulder and neck pain, eye strain, mental stress and many more. Everyone has their issues as per the nature of their job. For example: Sitting for eight hours a day and then looking at your mobile in the elevator is a way to misalign your spine.

However, yoga postures can be a marvelous antidote to many desk job ailments and help you to undo the damage created by the long sitting job.

These are some commonly used Mudras (Hand Yoga) we should perform/ practice daily for a healthy body: 

1. Prithvi Mudra ( About Stability) 

prithvi hand yoga

When we practice this mudra we feel grounded and stable. This hand gesture energizes our body and removes weakness and also, makes us calm and composed. This pose may help us to make decisions with a peaceful mind. Moreover, holding this pose of yoga can revitalize us when we feel exhausted after a long day of work in office.

2. Gyan Mudra (About Mental Strength)

gyan hand yoga

A pose that looks like a pinch or button of social media deals with our mind and associated with the pursuit of knowledge. This pose not only improves concentration and enhances memory but holding this pose for a while also lowers negativity and diminishes stress and anxiety. It is also helpful in relieving head-related problems like hypertension, anger, headache, and over-thinking.

3. Agni Mudra ( About Metabolism)

agni hand yoga

This mudra is beneficial for those who are weight conscious. Holding this mudra aids in weight loss and improve body muscle tone. This pose ignites heat in your digestive system which helps in fast digestion and also keeps your body temperature high in winters.

4. Jal Mudra ( About Circulation of fluids) 

This mudra controls the circulation of fluids in our body and prevents diseases due to lack of water. For example, it retains good viscosity of blood by balancing the water content of our body and removes the impurity of blood. Moreover, skin diseases and acne can be cured if practiced regularly. It heals dryness and rashes on our skin and makes it soft and healthy.

5. Vayu Mudra (About Digestion) 

Practitioners say that this pose is associated with our joints and stomach. Holding this mudra can balance the elements in our body and help to remove the discomfort of gas-related problems, joint pain, bloating and indigestion. If you regularly practice this mudra, it may help you in the management of arthritis as well.

6. Dhyana Mudra (About Concentration and focus)

Our saints are often pictured in this gesture. This pose is associated with deep concentration power. Certainly, this mudra enhances your focus and helps you in decision making.

7. Shunya Mudra (About Clarity) 

This hand gesture is very useful for reducing ear pain and the watering of ears. It is also useful in removing physical and mental blockages and helps in strengthening bones and gums. Holding this pose improves decision-making capability, intuitions, alertness, and sensory power.

8. Prana Mudra (Energy) 

prana hand yoga

This mudra is also known as Mudra of life. It helps in many ways-  reduces hunger feelings, removes tiredness, enhances sleep cycle, increases immunity, improves eyesight and maintains healthy breathing rhythm.

9. Ganesha Mudra (Removing obstacles) 

ganesha hand yoga

This mudra makes you sanguine (Optimistic especially in a difficult situation). Regular practice of this pose is helpful to assuage you and feel motivated. However, holding this pose can help you to regain courage at hard times and prevents depression. This hand gesture is also beneficial for cardiac muscles. 

10. Rudra Mudra (Internal transformation)

rudra hand yoga

This mudra is associated with lord “Shiva” and it affects your inner power. Holding this pose can enhance your physical energy and empower you to reach your highest potential. Practitioners also say that this hand gesture is beneficial in dealing with exertions, laziness, and chronic disease in the body. 

These hand yoga mudras can be practiced at any time as per your convenience. Make sure you try all these hand mudras and if you find them effective and fascinating, don’t forget to SHARE with anyone trying to manifest positivity in their life. 

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