5 Amazing habits to learn from children

Habits of children

Children are the loveliest creature that we will always adore. A child’s life is sort of a blank paper on which every person leaves a mark. But this blog is to spotlight the habits of children which may inspire us to measure a higher life. 

After being an adult, we always recall our childhood days and cherish that stunning life again. 

As we all know those were the times of learning, growing, and staying happy irrespective of anything and everything. Those were the days when nobody had to make us happy, as happiness came so naturally to us. During childhood, there was no major stress but little challenges such as to catch the school bus on time,  finish the lunch box and complete homework. Childhood taught us many valuable life lessons which, ironically, we don’t remember in adulthood and keep on living a fast-paced life. 

Somewhere inside, we miss those peaceful and loving days­- our friends, illogical games, sibling fights, and classroom punishments. Sometimes it feels that those were the “golden days” and that we should return to who we were as children. However, this looks like a dream which has no wings to fly and take us back to that wonderful era.

Now we are in an age where we see children in our house living that life with those beautiful habits, and that we are in a hurry to see them grow up to an adult. We do our best to teach them lessons of life which we’ve learned through our life journey. But somewhere we forget to cherish our own children and enjoy life. We left their good habits unnoticed.

Essentially, all children are precious with so much to teach us and remind us about the childhood teachings which faded away under the burden of our responsibilities.

Although, here is what we can learn from the habits of children to bring back joy and clarity into our adulthood.

Also, let’s see what do they know, that being adults we seem to have forgotten? 

1. Learn to be more playful and happier 

Children enjoy life in a more intense way than adults. They start fresh each day and don’t carry baggage from one day to another. No matter, how much you scold them or sometimes beat them up, the following day they’re going to be in the same playful mood. This is the most amazing quality we need to cultivate in ourselves as an adult. We should always leave behind the past grudges and live in our present.

habits of children

Like childhood, adulthood won’t return too. We need to spend more time with children to grasp their playful habits and happy nature. Their approach to life is different from ours, they get excited for every small thing. Moreover, their enthusiasm keeps them curious and brimming with joy. They have a beautiful ability to seek out fun all around them. Just watch the humour a toddler can find even in silly things. Like them, we should not rummage around for big things to make us laugh or to stay happy. We can opt to be cheerful even without a reason.

“A day without laughter could be a day wasted” – Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin 

For one or the other reason, as we mature, we stop laughing and enjoying small happy moments of our life. We’ve developed habits of finding reason for being happy. We have forgotten how we used to stay joyful with minor creative activities in our childhood. 

How many of us draw daily and dip our fingers in paint or play with clay just for the fun of it? Generally, every one of us has stopped seeing creative activities as worthwhile. But we need to relearn from kids to bring our creative side out. And apart from office and household work, we have to indulge ourselves in our creative hobbies. Believe me it’ll be more relaxing than watching Netflix.

2. Learn to be confident

Let me tell you something very interesting. When I decided to write on this topic, I thought I should talk to my 5-year-old nephew and try to get some fascinating points out of his views about this topic. 

When I asked him, what would you like to teach your elders in return as they teach you so many things, every day? The answer was, “I will teach them how to use smartphone”.

habits of children

His answer made me roll over floor laughing. But on the flip side I got impressed seeing his damn confidence in himself. Yes, children too have the power to give lessons to adults. Though they are not experts but their determination and self-confidence is enough to beat our intelligence.

3. Learn to forgive

Have you ever noticed the fights between toddlers? Their fights can go wild even for a small toy. But what’s next? Meanwhile you understand the matter, they become friends again and start playing together. 

Children don’t take much time to forgive their opposition but we can carry resentments for years. We should dust off things from our mind that create negative energy and hamper our relationships. Forgiveness has the power to lighten our head and help us to move forward with positivity.

4. Learn to have remarkable activeness

Playing outside is something that children love the most. Their energy is limitless if they find the game of their interest. Physical fitness is not their agenda, but to stay with their friends and enjoy the time to the fullest is. For many parents, it is hard to get them back home even after long hours of physical activities. 

habits of children

The habit of being active for something that we love brings immense pleasure. However, our habits define our character and also our approach towards our life. Our determination can convert our habits into a passion that we can dream to achieve. 

5. Learn to be curious

Children look at everything with much more curiosity than us and the series of their questions never ends. They never hesitate to ask about anything they could imagine. Their imagination could be as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean. While, answering their nonstop queries, parents get irritated quite often. Still they don’t halt their curiosity and express their feelings without any fear of being judged. 

habits of children

Children are honest in their approach as they don’t have a filter of knowing the difference of being rude or honest, but we do. In fact, we do have habits of fear and of being judged by others. But, kids ask straight forward whatever races through their mind. Don’t you think, we should learn to act like a child, wherever possible speak our mind and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Their innocence says it all, “No need to hide your emotions and feel free to learn more”.

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If you have your own kids, you must be knowing more than what is mentioned here. Having a kid is a blissful feeling and being a parent is something that teaches the most important lessons of life.

Else, if you don’t have kids in your house, try spending more time with children of your colony, friends, or relatives and recognize their beautiful habits. Surely, you will enjoy their company and take away some unforgettable learnings and be thankful for their friendship.

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