Is there any relation between God and meditation?

meditation and god

Do you believe in superpowers? Do you believe in GOD? Who is GOD? How does God look like? What is the job of a God? How does God help us? And how meditation can bring you closer to God?

In the Hindu religion, God is called as BHAGWAN or PARAM AATMA-Supreme soul.

BHAGWAN: BH-Bhumi, AG– Agni, W– Wayu, A– Aakash, N-Neer (Jal); five elements.

As per Hindu mythology, God is everywhere and if we are made up of these 5 elements, then that means our God is within ourselves. But still people worship idols of God in temples. Why? What does that mean?

There are millions of questions about God that stem up in our curious mind and we seek answers everywhere. I think we should practice meditation and try to get the answers from within. We know everything but are unaware of the fact. Meditation could help us to lighten our path of awareness and wisdom.

In a holy book, Bhagavad Gita, meditation is explained very beautifully with the following lines:

“When meditation is mastered,
The mind is unwavering like the
Flame of a lamp in a windless place.
In the still mind,
In the depths of meditation,
The Self reveals itself.
Beholding the Self
By means of the Self,
An aspirant knows the
Joy and peace of complete fulfillment.
Having attained that
Abiding joy beyond the senses,
Revealed in the stilled mind,
He never swerves from the eternal truth.”
― Bhagavad Gita

I am not a preacher, even not a firm believer of God. But I believe in rituals, performed in the name of God, I like going to a temple, reciting bhajans (holy songs), chanting mantras, and serving langar(food) to the needy. Why? Because, by performing these activities, I feel inner peace and gratification.

Though, the rituals performed in the name of God are actually performed for the humankind, keeping God as a reference.

In fact, many religious stories are created and attached with the name of God to strengthen our intellectual power and guide us to the right path. These mythological stories teach us the lessons of life and help us to live a better life.

Is there any relation between God and meditation?

In this context, let me share an interesting story with you. This story signifies the importance of meditation and the impact of chaanting the name of Lord Rama (Hindu’s God) in the life of Sage Valmiki.

According to Indian mythology, there was a revered Saint named “Valmiki” who wrote Ramayana– an epic biographic poem about the life of Lord Rama. It is believed that he had attained the knowledge and wisdom via chaanting the name of Lord Rama and performing austerity (tapasya) for thousands of years. After completing his meditation, he composed the Ramayana in Sanskrit language in the form of Sanskrit Shlokas with the blessings of Lord Brahma.

Story of Sage Valmiki:

The story of Sage Valmiki narrates the glory of the name of Lord Rama and the treasure it can unfold for its devotees. Valmiki’s original name was Ratnakara and he was born in a Brahmin family. But he had been asserted by his parents in the forest where he became a robber who used to loot and kill people who so ever crosses his path.

One day, Narada, a heavenly sage was going through the forest. There he encountered Ratnakara on his way. When Ratnakara saw him, he approached the Sage, intending to rob him. But the sage was fearless and standing still. Ratnakara was surprised to see such a creature for the first time in his life, who looked at him with eyes filled with compassion.

Ratnakara and Narada

Ratnakara threatened the sage Narada but failed. Then he asked Narada about his identity, to which Narada replied that he is a poor monk and has nothing to offer him. Sage asked him, “Don’t you know that by assassinating and robbing the innocent people, you are incurring great sin”?

Ratnakara replied that he was doing those sinful acts to support his family. “Will your family share the consequences of these bad karmas, which you are accumulating in your karmic account to support them, said the sage. Though, Ratnakara was doubtful, so he went to ask his family about it. His family denied to share his sins outcome. He returned disappointedly, to the sage, and requested him to show him the right path of a happy life. Hence, the sage Narada asked him to chant the magnificent name “Rama” and give up his evil deeds. Also, he advised him to indulge himself in the worship of God.

Narration of Rama as Mara:

Ratnakara was so much immersed in practicing sinful acts since his childhood that he was unable to utter the name “Rama” correctly. Therefore, as a solution, sage Narada asked him to chant the name in reverse order – “Mara Mara Mara”. The word “Mara” is a Hindi word which means to “kill or die”. Thus, he followed the advice and started chanting the word continuously in speed which soon in progress sounded Rama..Rama..Rama.

While meditating for several years, Ratnakara chanted that wrong word with the good intention. He changed his mindset in the process of appeasing the supreme lord. Therefore, he was successful in creating the positive vibes around him by emitting positive energy. Also, his heart became purified with the sound of the divine name of God.

Valmiki meditation

Thereafter, he become a devotee and was known as Rishi (Sage) Valmiki, which means “one born out of ant hills”. He was given this name because he sat in one particular position for a very long time and a huge ant-hill grew up around him.

Further, he was bestowed with blessings of Lord Vishnu which cleansed his bad deeds (Karma) and made him a holy saint. Because, when a devotee chants Rama’s name, he or she is showered with blessings by Lord Vishnu.  Lord Rama was born in Treta-yuga as an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu.

Also, Lord Krishna was born in Dwapara-yuga as an incarnation (avatar) of Lord Vishnu. During meditation the chant to worship the God, Vishnu goes like this:

Hare Rama, Hare Rama, 
Rama Rama, Hare Hare… 
Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna 
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare…

I would like to end this story with a very beautifully quote,

“If your heart is pure and soul is divine, any path can take you to the Lord”.

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A path to the Lord means a path to self-realization and acceptance. It ignites our soul power and makes us capable of holding and controlling our emotions, feelings, and actions. Although, meditation is not only related to God but it also connects us to ourselves and defines our existence.

Be yourself, radiate your good Sanskar, Always and with Everyone. Because everything you do comes back to you.


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