Be aware, the child in your house is getting addicted!

These days, the majority of children are found addicted to two things: the first is a cold drink and the second is the Mobile phone. In almost every house, we see a mother running after her child with a glass of milk but never see anyone running with a cold drink bottle because their child prefers the cold drink to milk. It is a hard job to convince a child to finish a glass of milk but when they are offered a cold drink, it’s like an icing on the cake, no more drama. 

Stubborn kids blackmail their parents and put conditions to complete their homework or finish their meals only if they are allowed to use a mobile phone and served with some chips or cold drinks. They even make false promises to their parents that they won’t do any mischief after watching so and so video or playing games on mobile.

“There is a limit to everything; excess is opposed to nature.” – Pallavi

Excess of everything is bad, we all know. But we realize it when that addiction starts hampering our health and life. Likewise, addiction to mobile games or videos and consumption of cold drinks is harmful to a child’s overall growth. Parents should keep a strict eye on their kids and break them off from this addiction. 

As we know, a child needs an adequate amount of calcium, vitamins, and minerals in their diet for proper growth of their bones, teeth, and body structure so it should be taken in care that the things which they consume are of nutritional quality. As the intake of cold drinks instead of healthy drinks can cause several body alignments in them, therefore, it is necessary to keep them away and avoid making your child addicted to such drinks.

addicted child

A simple example is kids don’t like to drink milk these days but they are always ready to have some cold drinks. If kids don’t drink milk or eat milk products, there will be a deficiency of calcium. Also, the high content of sugar in cold drinks can cause erosion of tooth enamel which results in dental caries. Lack of calcium also leads to weak bones and affects height.

Although, parents have to find out lucrative ways to increase the intake of milk among children so that they can grow with strong bones and teeth. For example, they can prepare and offer these nutritional drinks instead of plain milk:

List of nutritional milkshakes:

  1. Flavored Milkshake – Mango shake, Papaya shake, Banana shake, strawberry shake, etc.
  2. Badam Kesar Milk – Add kesar and badam paste to change the taste of milk.
  3. Honey milkshake – Use honey instead of sugar to sweeten the taste.
  4. Protein Shakes – Use Horlicks, Bournvita, boost, Complan, etc.
  5. Milk products – Salted Buttermilk (Lassi), Curd or Yogurt.

Generally, children are physically active throughout the day and their physical activities demand more amount of energy than the adult, so there should be a specific healthy drink to energize and rejuvenate them. 

Consumption of soda or caffeine is not a good choice as they cause the body to eliminate water through peeing and sweating and contributes to dehydration. Even there is a risk of having heart problems, obesity, and nervous disorders.

Therefore, kids should avoid cold drinks; especially in summers, they should drink more water to keep them hydrated and healthy. When we talk about water intake, it can be in any form like Lime Water, Jal Jeera, Coconut Water, Green Tea, etc.

addicted child

Now talking about the mobile phone, we are making our kids dependent on technology by giving them access to our smartphones at the age when they have to in the playground.

Your child is becoming addicted to the games, movies, and YouTube videos which are bringing a capricious change in his/her behavior. They are lacking in interpersonal communication skills and have less emotional attachment with their family and friends as they spend most of the time on smartphones. 

” A Mobile phone can be your friend and the same way can be your enemy; it is up to you how to use it.” – Pallavi

I have seen that many mothers allow their toddlers to watch videos for hours to keep silence in the house. These moms even feed their kids keeping a mobile phone in front of them playing some cartoons so that the kid would not create any drama looking at the food and the feeding job get over easily. 

For reference, I would like to tell you my own story. Once I asked my cousin who is a 10-year-old boy, what he had in his breakfast? He answered, “I had something but I don’t know what that was”. I enquired again and asked the reason. Then he told me, “I don’t know what I ate because I was playing PubG game on my mother’s mobile phone while she was feeding me”.

It was very surprising to know that a mature child of 10 years of age is so addicted to the video game that even he can’t remember what his mother fed him just a few hours ago.

“A smartphone is an addictive device that traps a soul into a lifeless planet full of lives.” –Munia Khan

The overuse and addiction of smartphones at such a tender age is dangerous for the overall growth of a child. And an addicted child becomes introvert when the habit of using this gadget decreases their physical activities and interaction with others. If they don’t interact with their friends or neighbors, how do they learn about social and moral values?

Their mental and emotional growth will remain limited to gadgets. Moreover, it affects their physical growth as well; there could be a risk of getting obesity, weak eyes, weak grasping power, and irritable nature.

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addicted child

A child in his growing age has to be more active in doing recreational activities so that there won’t be any dependency on technology to complete any task. They have to be self-sufficient to cope up with their challenges bravely. There must be a family fun time to keep a child away from gadgets.

“Your cell phone has already replaced your camera, your TV, your calendar and your alarm clock. Don’t let it replace your family.” – Anonymous

In the end, I would like to say that addiction of any kind is not acceptable at any age but there is a need to take great care at the young age of our children. It is the learning age and kids learn from what they see most of the time.

Secondly, it is also important to make them aware of the side effects of junk food and cold drinks and encourage them to go for healthy drinks.

If you would like to add on your view or experience on this topic, you can comment in the box given below. If you too have an addicted child and you liked the blog, don’t forget to share with your family and friends.

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