The amazing benefits and ways of drinking water!

benefits of drinking water

To know the benefits of drinking water, it is necessary to examine that nearly every part of our body needs adequate water and it’s critical to maintain the balanced level of water in our body. Not only maintaining, recommended amount of daily water intake helps maintain good health, and can also improve it in the long run.

Definitely, the environment and the climate you live in are the major factors to decide the amount of water you need to drink. Moreover, your physical activeness and health condition can be other factors to know the fluid consumption level.

However, there can be many other factors but you have to check whether you are suffering from an illness, ailment, or any other health problem before going for the uncalculated amount of water or any other fluid.

Although, there doesn’t exist any universally agreed quantity of water that one should consume daily but some research says that an adult should consume at least 2-3 liters of water every day. 

There are some ways to make sure that you don’t forget to drink enough water:

  • Always carry your own water bottle with you wherever you go. Keep taking sips from it as and when you feel the need. And if you don’t feel like drinking, then for reducing the weight of the water bottle try to empty it by sipping from it repeatedly.

    Sometimes because of cold weather, our body doesn’t create any need for water but actually, it needs an adequate amount of water to stay hydrated because in winter dehydration makes our skin more vulnerable to skin disorders and wrinkles.

  • You can track your water intake. As we all are addicted to mobile phone and keep it with us all the time, it would become our caretaker too.

    You can set a reminder alarm in your smartphone or smartwatch just to make sure that you don’t miss drinking water.
drinking water reminder

The habit of drinking water not only balances the water level of your body but also benefits you in many other ways.

Drinking ample amount of water helps in various ways like:

benefits of drinking water

1. Carry oxygen to the cells of our body.

2. Keep your brain active: when someone gets unconscious, what is the first thing that comes in our mind to regain the consciousness? It is “water” for sure.

3. Make your skin supple and glowing: hydrated skin always glows.

4. Regulate your body temperature and keep it cool: beat summer heat.

5. Keep your muscles and joints healthy: lubrication provider.

6. Detoxify your body via your kidneys: releases harmful chemicals via urine.

7. It helps the body to absorb nutrients and boost energy: minerals present in water dissolve nutrients easily.

8. Improves metabolism: happy tummy, happy you.

9. Decrease the risk of stone in kidneys: it ensures that your kidney works properly.

10. Drinking water about half an hour before meals helps in weight loss: supports in proper digestion and soft bowel movement.

11. Drinking enough water can prevent and cure the problem of anal fissure.

12. Who can miss water when hick-ups (Heechki) start bothering you?

So, what is the correct amount of water you should be drinking? 

As you constantly lose water from your body, via urine and sweat, therefore, you need to drink an adequate amount of water every day to prevent dehydration. According to Ayurveda, the way we choose to drink water also affects our overall health. 

Considering the importance of water in human life, here are ten important tips to drink water properly and take maximum benefit of it:

1. Always drink water while sitting rather than standing.

2. Have small sips rather than chugging all the water at once.

3. Drink warm or room temperature water rather than ice-chilled water. Coldwater slows down the digestion process.

4. Identify the signs of dehydration in your body like chapped and dry lips or dark yellow urine.

5. Measure your drinking needs as per your thirst.

6. Drinking water after waking up in the morning, just before consuming anything else.

7. To increase the effectiveness of water, store it in a copper or silver vessel.

8. Drink water half an hour before you take a meal.

9. It is advisable to drink water before taking a bath to cool down your body temperature.

10. Avoid drinking water just before sleeping at night otherwise, your sleep will get disturbed because of the urine pressure.

We need water in our system for many purposes. Our body system uses water not only to sweat but also to replenish fluids lost from sweating. We also need water to avoid constipation and therefore pass healthy stool.

In fact, it is very important to drink plenty of water at some specific times, like:

  1. When you are suffering from fever.
  2. When you are outside in extremely hot summers.
  3. And when you get diagnosed with diarrhea or vomit.
  4. During physical activity, when you sweat a lot.

Well till now, you have read about the best ways and benefits of drinking water but do you know that drinking too much water is also dangerous. It is true that we cannot survive without water but on the flip side we can get into trouble by drinking too much water.

If you drink too much water at irregular intervals, it may harm you to some extent. There is a term called “Water Intoxication” in medical science which is a disease that results from the swelling of cells. Excess water increases the pressure inside the skull due to which brain cell swells and you start experiencing the symptoms of water intoxication, which could be a severe headache, vomiting, or nausea. This is because our brain is made of 80% water, so our mental abilities and functions are seriously dependent on it.

In the end, I would say, drinking water is a healthy habit that we should inculcate in our daily routine seriously to stay fit and happy.

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