Aloe vera

Aloe Vera is considered as one of the oldest plant which is studied as a most beneficial herb due to its medicinal properties and health benefits. It is commonly found in every household as people are quite aware of its uses and magical results.

It is also mentioned in history that in 1944 when the Japanese were exposed to the “A” bomb, they applied Aloe Vera gel to their wounds and reported faster healing and less scarring.

Here are some reasons why I have Aloe Vera plant in my house and use it more often:


Last week, I had a hot wax burn on my face. It was quite painful and frightened to have a burn scar on my face. Although there were many antiseptic creams available, I found Aloe Vera as the best option to get instant relief from that burning sensation.

I simply clipped off a piece of the leaf (I usually just snap a section off with my hands), opened it up with the help of a knife, and rubbed the fresh gel over the affected area. There was an instant relief. Applying it 3-4 times a day for 2 days made a miracle and the burn disappeared like it was not there.

In summers, Aloe Vera becomes my favorite remedy for sunburn. Delhi has a harsh hot season every year and long sunny afternoons create deadly sunburn on my skin.

Once someone gave me a great tip for using Aloe Vera on sunburns and that is: clip off a big section of the leaf of Aloe Vera plant and stick it in the fridge. When you want relief from sunburn itching, be ready to use it, it’s delightfully cold on your skin. OMG! That gives a sweet relief.

Although I enjoy cooking I am not a perfect cook yet. Burns in the kitchen are common for me and so the use of Aloe Vera. So, whenever I get burns while cooking, Aloe Vera works as the first aid to me. I just snap off the tip of a leaf, squish out the Aloe Vera gel onto the burn, and feel better in seconds. I’ve found that using the gel from an Aloe Vera leaf works just as well — in some cases, even much better. 


Many scientific researches have shown that Aloe Vera has hundreds of naturally occurring nutritional substances, along with some essential amino acids which our body needs but can’t produce. In terms of skin repair, I read somewhere that Aloe Vera is extremely beneficial for skin cancer patients and gives pretty astonishing results when used for the treatment.

Aloe Vera Stem

Aloe Vera gel hydrates our skin and repairs its texture to enhance our natural beauty and makes our skin flawless and glowing. However, it’s a great skin refresher and a moisturizer that can be used straight from the plant onto our skin or just mix up a homemade moisturizer with it. TV sources say, even our Bollywood star “Salman Khan” applies Aloe Vera on his face to look fresh and young. Isn’t it amazing?


There is a simple recipe to make an Aloe Vera moisturizer; just mix half tbsp. of the gel with 1 tbsp. of extra virgin olive oil and store in a covered container in the fridge. Use it gently on your face in the morning and/or at night. This homemade moisturizer can be stored for about five days.


If we need fresh air to inhale, we should plant this medicinal air purifier in our house. Even NASA scientists (in their efforts to figure out how to keep the air clean on moon bases in the future) found out that Aloe Vera to be one of those plants which are ideal for air purification.

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Do you know why it is such a good air purifying plant?

Because it works differently; actually it releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide at night and it cleans the air while we sleep. Therefore it is recommended to keep an Aloe Vera plant in every house. 

Air Purifier

Moreover, Aloe Vera is an easy plant to grow. It needs warm weather to grow healthy, so keep it in a sunny (or even semi-sunny) area, watering moderately according to the season and have a hand full of Aloe Vera whenever the need for it arises.

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The Research published in the Ethiopian Journal of Health Sciences, in 2014 says that the Aloe Vera plant has many natural ingredients. One of them is vitamin C which protects our teeth from plaque. It also provides relief from gum problems and also removes bad breath if used as a mouthwash.

Nonetheless, it is a very safe and effective alternative to chemical-based mouthwashes that are available in medical stores. Apart from this many FMCG companies are promoting other Aloe Vera products like toothpaste and toothbrush for the oral health of their customers.

Hence commercial use of Aloe Vera in the dental sector is also picking up a pace in the market these days. 

For Decoration

What are you waiting for? Go and bring a beautiful Aloe Vera plant from your nearby nursery and use it to its fullest. Aloe Vera plant has many varieties and hence some are good even for decoration. Explore the magnificent properties of this ancient plant today! 

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