About : Pallavi Rana (Pa Love Ve Rana)

I am an Engineer by profession and a blogger by choice.

Welcome to GeoLife HarPal, a web page where you will find articles/ blogs touching various aspects of life such as health, habits, lifestyle, philosophy, entertainment, travel and much more, all written to add some value to the life of a reader!

As an enthusiastic student of science, psychology, and spirituality. I take great pleasure in writing about daily life problems and solutions that almost everyone faces in this fast-paced world.

My aim is to make a difference (a positive one) in the way people think about themselves and help them make improvements in their daily life just to shine like a star.

I believe happiness is not just our birthright, it’s also a state of mind that anyone can learn to cultivate, to not only survive but thrive.

Everybody has ups and downs in their journey of life, I too have. Most of my blogs include personal experiences that any reader can relate to.

No matter what your background or life challenges are, this web page has something to brighten up everyone’s day. The meaning of GeoLife HarPal is basically to live life to the fullest and enjoy every single moment.

Thank you for taking out your precious time to read my blogs!

I would feel happy to see you as a regular visitor to GeoLife HarPal!

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