The very thought of spending a day without a mobile phone gives a twinge in my stomach.  Sounds funny but true. In this era of technology where our lives orbit around the need for gadgets like mobile phones, it is difficult or rather I would say ‘inconvenient’ to spend even a day without a mobile phone. And it goes without saying that nobody loves inconvenience.

Well, it would be no exaggeration to say that our fast-paced life does need this gadget to make it a little easy.

The other day I reached my office with a big smile on my face as I knew that my nagging boss had gone out of station for a few days. I was floating in rapture but suddenly when I realized that I had forgotten my mobile phone at home, the world of rapture immediately transformed into the world of hell.

Though, I was feeling like a hermit on an island. I thought to myself, “managing the presence of a nagging boss is still not so difficult but managing the absence of phone sounds terrible”.

Well, the reason for such thoughts racing through my mind is not that I am too much into the mobile thing but the fact is: so many things of our daily lives be it personal or professional are completely dependent on a cell phone. In its absence, you almost become alienated from the world of communication. From things like calling up your maid when she doesn’t turn up, to things like managing your professional work, everything requires a mobile phone.

Is it a source of entertainment or more than that?

In fact, to some extent, a phone is a source of entertainment for us. Moreover, it’s a multi-purpose gadget that has captured the hearts of billions of people around the world.

While talking to one of my colleagues I asked her how it would feel to live without a mobile phone. She smilingly said, “Living a day without a mobile phone is like living a life without a boyfriend. Life would be too drab and unexciting”. I too smiled at her statement but at the back of my mind, I knew it was a bold statement that clearly shows how deeply we depend on a mobile phone.

A mobile phone is a boon?

Yes, I do believe that a mobile phone is a boon but at the same time, this boon sometimes becomes a curse in a subtle way. It can be a lifesaver at times but sometimes our too much dependence on it can create a chasm between human relationships.

Most of the time we think that talking over the phone with our friends and relatives, is enough to have a healthy relationship with them. And we seldom take out time to personally meet them and spend some quality time with them. It is wise to make the best use of technology but it is wiser to not let our lives be mastered by technology.


The mobile does open the channels of communication but at the same time, it can close the channels which leads to heart to heart dialogues in human relationships. A mobile phone is our need but we should not let it become our greed. There is a thin line between ‘need’ and ‘greed’. Here the word greed means that we should not get overwhelmed with this fascinating gadget. A cell phone is a boon but it’s up to us whether we let it remain a boon or make it a curse.

I would say ‘mobile phone equals daily life’ but at the same time it should not overpower the human hearts, the human bonds.

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